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  1. Frithugairns at Adrianople

    Wed 27 June 2018

    In my undergraduate Early Medieval Europe class at university, one of the assignments was a fictional source document. I wrote a piece of a fictional Visigothic epic about the Battle of Adrianople that had been preserved in a Spanish monastery.

    Frithugairns at Adrianople


    This fragment of the Frithugairns at …

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  2. The Annotated Capernaum

    Mon 02 December 2013

    (Transferred from my old WordPress)

    Capernaum is a poem by Lewis Spence, which was set to music by Ed Miller and appears on his album, Border Background (1989). Miller’s arrangement is also the title song on the Tannahill Weaver’s album, Capernaum (1994).

    I own both of those albums …

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