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  1. Word Family - Witch

    Halloween Bonus Family


    Bonus word family for Halloween by special request from my 4 year old: "witch".


    witch, V茅, victim

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    • Proto-Indo-European *weyk- to separate, to choose, to consecrate
      • Proto-Indo-European *wikn茅h鈧-ti
        • Germanic *wikk艒n膮
          • West Germanic *wikk艒n膮
            • Old English wi膵膵ian
              • English (be)witch
            • Frankish *wikkon
            • Old High German 鈥
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  2. Word Family - Persimmon

    October theme: Indigenous Peoples Day


    Saskatoon, persimmon

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    • Algic *mene berry
      • Yurok menomen Juneberry
      • Algonquian *mi路na berry
        • Central Algonquian
          • Cree 釖︶搨釔 miinis (wild) berry or fruit
            • Cree 釖メ摰釔⑨懖釔п憫釖メ悾 misa藱skwato藱min saskatoon berry
              • English saskatoon
                • English Saskatoon
          • Menominee -men- fruit, berry, grain
          • Ojibwe -min berry
            • Ojibwe niibiminaa 鈥
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