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  1. Word Family - Five


    I've been doing Word Families for 5 years! In that time, I have made 150 families! So this week is *pénkʷe: "five".

    The *p-kʷ sequence in *pénkʷe leads to a set highly divergent forms. *kʷ is a highly variable sound on its own, becoming /kw/, /w/, /ʍ/, /k …

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  2. Word Family - Two

    June theme: Pride In Words 🏳️‍🌈


    two, duet, bi-, icosahedron, twin, nonbinary

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    • Proto-Indo-European *dwóh₁ two
      • Albanian dy two
      • Old Armenian երկու erku two [1]
        • Armenian երկու erku two
        • Old Armenian կրկին krkin double, doubled, iterated
          • Armenian կրկին krkin double, again, once more
      • Balto-Slavic *duwō two
        • Lithuanian du two
        • Slavic *dъva two
          • East …
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