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creole, create, crescent, kore, cereal

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  • Proto-Indo-European *ḱer(h₁)- to grow, to increase
    • Proto-Indo-European *ḱreh₁eh₂yé-ti to make grow transitive
      • Italic *krēāō
        • Latin creō I create, I give birth to, I prepare, I choose
          • Western Romance
            • French créer to create
            • Italian creare to create, to appoint, to set up
            • Spanish criar to rear (a child)
            • Portuguese criar
              • Portuguese cria one who is raise, offspring, kid, ward
                • Portuguese crioulo someone raised in the colonies, creole
                  • Spanish criollo someone raised in the colonies, creole
                    • English creole
          • Spanish crear to create reborrowed from Latin
          • Latin creātus created, begotten, chosen
            • English create
    • Proto-Indo-European *ḱreh₁sḱé-ti to be growing iterative/continuative
      • Italic *krēskō
        • Latin crēscō I increase, I thrive, I become visible
          • Sardinian creschi
          • Eastern Romance
            • Romanian crește grow, increase, raise, cultivate
          • Western Romance
            • French croître to grow
            • Italian crescere to grow
            • Spanish crecer to grow
          • Latin accrēscō
            • Western Romance
              • French accroître to increase
                • French accrû increased past participle
                  • English accrue
              • Italian accrescere to increase
              • Spanish acrecer to increase
            • Latin accrētiō increment
              • English accretion
            • Latin concrēscō I thicken, condense, curdle, stiffen, congeal
              • Latin concrētus condensed, thick, hardened, solid past participle
                • English concrete [1]
          • Latin dēcrēscō
            • Western Romance
              • French décroître to decrease
                • English decrease
          • Latin incrēscō I grow in, I swell
            • Western Romance
              • Old French encroistre to increase
                • Anglo-Norman encreistre to increase
                  • English increase
              • Italian increscere to regret
            • Latin incrēmentum growth, development, increment
              • English increment
          • Latin crēscēns increasing, thriving, becoming visible active participle
            • Western Romance
              • French croissant crescent, crescent moon, croissant
                • English crescent
                • English croissant
              • Italian crescente growing, rising, waxing (moon)
                • Italian crescente sourdough
              • Spanish creciente crescent of a waxing moon, increasing
          • Latin crēscendus that which is to increase, that which is to become visible future passive participle
            • Western Romance
              • Italian crescendo growing, increasing
                • English crescendo
                  • Japanese クレッシェンド kuresshendo crescendo
                • Spanish crescendo crescendo
              • Spanish creciendo growingly
    • Proto-Indo-European *ḱorwo growing adjective
      • Hellenic *kórwā
        • Mycenaean Greek 𐀒𐀷 ko-wa girl, maiden
        • Ancient Greek κόρη kórē girl, maiden
          • Greek kóri daughter, girl, kore (statue)
          • English kore
          • Ancient Greek Κόρη Kórē Cora, Persephone. [2]
      • Hellenic *kórwos
        • Mycenaean Greek 𐀒𐀺 ko-wo boy, youth
        • Ancient Greek κόρος kóros boy, youth
        • English kouros
    • Proto-Indo-European *ḱeres-s growthful?
      • Germanic *hirsaz
        • Germanic *hirsijô
          • North Germanic
            • Old Norse
              • Danish hirse millet
              • Icelandic hirsi millet
              • Finnish hirssi millet
          • West Germanic
            • Old High German hirso millet
              • German Hirse millet
              • Yiddish הירזש hirzh millet
      • Italic *kerēs
        • Latin Cerēs Goddess of Bounty and Agriculture [2]
          • English Ceres
          • Latin Cerealis of Ceres
            • French céréale cereal all meanings
              • English cereal
    • Proto-Indo-European *ḱer-mn̥ grown resultative
      • Old Armenian սերմն sermn seed, berry, bud, progeny, race
        • Armenian սերմ serm seed
    • Proto-Indo-European *sem-ḱer-
      • Italic
        • Latin sincērus clean, sound, uninjured, natural, sincere
          • Eastern Romance
            • Romanian sincer sincere
          • Western Romance
            • French sincère sincere
              • English sincere
            • Italian sincero sincere, honest
            • Spanish sincero sincere, honest


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Collected English words

creole, create, accrue, accretion, concrete, decrease, increase, increment, crescent, croissant, crescendo, kore, kouros, Ceres, cereal, sincere


  1. ^

    Many languages borrow the Latin concretus for the adjective meaning "tangible, not abstract", but mostly only English uses it for the building material. Most other Latin-borrowing languages derive the word for the building material from Latin bitūmen (mineral pitch, bitumen) instead. Latin did not have a word for "concrete" distinct from "cement".

  2. ^

    Persephone is called the Maiden, in relation to Demeter, the Earth Mother". Ceres, in the interpretatio graeca, considered analogous Demeter.