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ether, Aidan, edifice, anneal, estivation

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  • Proto-Indo-European *h₂eydʰ- ignite, fire
    • Proto-Indo-European *h₂éydʰ-eti burning, igniting primary verb
      • Indo-Iranian *Háydʰati
        • Indo-Aryan
          • Sanskrit 𑀏𑀥𑀢𑁂 édhate to spread, to grow, to increase, to prosper
      • Hellenic
        • Classical Greek αἴθω aíthō To kindle, to light, to burn
          • Classical Greek αἴθων a burning, a blaze, lightning, a thing that flashes like burnished metal
            • Classical Greek Αἴθων Aíthōn eagle that eats Prometheus's liver
              • Latin Aethon
                • English Aethon
          • Classical Greek Αἰθίοψ Aithíops Ethiopian
            • Classical Greek Αἰθιοπία Ethiopia
              • Latin Aethiopia Ethiopia
                • English Ethiopia
                  • Hawaiʻian ʻAikiopa Ethiopia
              • Amharic ኢትዮጵያ ʾityop̣p̣ya Ethiopia
          • Classical Greek αἰθήρ aithḗr The pure upper air breathed by the gods, clear sky, heaven, aether, ether
            • Greek αιθήρ aithír sky, air
            • Greek αιθέρας aithéras ether
            • Latin aethēr Pure upper air, daytime sky, brightness surrounding a deity
              • French éther ether
                • English ether
                  • Japanese エーテル ēteru ether
                • German Äther ether
              • Italian etere ether
              • Spanish éter ether
              • Latin aetherius pertaining to ether, pertaining to the sky, pertaining to heaven; ethereal
                • French éthéré ethereal
                • Italian etereo ethereal
                • English ethereal
            • Russian эфи́р efír ether
    • Proto-Indo-European *h₂éydʰo-s burning action noun
      • Celtic *aidos
        • Old Irish áed fire [1]
          • Old Irish Áed Fire (personal name) [1]
            • Irish Aodh
              • English Hugh
              • Irish Ó hAodha descendant of Aodh (surname)
                • English O'Hea
                • English Hayes
            • Old Irish Áedán Little-Fire (personal name) áed + dimunitive
              • Irish Aodhan
                • English Aidan
                • Irish Eithne
                  • English Enya
            • Old Irish Áedócán [2]
              • Irish Aodhagán
                • English Egan
                • Irish Mac Aodhagáin
                  • English MacEgan
                    • English Keegan [3]
            • Old Irish Máedóc My-Little-Fire (personal name) affectionate + áed + dimunitive
              • English Maddoc
              • Welsh Madog
              • Irish Mo Aodh Og
                • English Mogue
            • Old Irish Cináed Fire-Born (personal name)
              • English Kenneth
      • Germanic *aidaz fire, pyre
        • West Germanic
          • Old English ād fire, pyre
          • Old High German eit
      • Hellenic *áitʰos
        • Classical Greek αἶθος aîthos heat, fire
      • Indo-Iranian
        • Indo-Aryan
          • Sanskrit 𑀏𑀥 édha fuel, firewood
      • Italic *aiþ-s place with a hearth
        • Latin aedis house, room, shrine, temple
          • Latin aedificō I build, I establish
            • Western Romance
              • French édifier to construct, erect, edify
                • English edify
              • Italian edificare to build, erect, edify
              • Spanish edificar to build, set a good example
          • Latin aedificium building, structure
            • Western Romance
              • French édifice building, structure
                • English edifice
              • Italian edificio building, organization
              • Spanish edificio building
          • Latin aedicula small building, small temple
            • Western Romance
              • Italian edicola newstand, shrine
    • Proto-Indo-European *h₂éydʰlom instrument
      • Germanic *ailã fire
        • Germanic *ailijanã to burn
          • West Germanic
            • Old English ǣlan to kindle, to burn
              • Old English onǣlan to set fire to, to burn up, to make hot
                • English anneal
          • Germanic *ailidaz fire, pyre
            • North Germanic
              • Old Norse eldr fire
                • Danish ild fire, ardor
                • Icelandic eldur fire
                • Old Norse mǫrueldr phosphorence on the ocean lit. "sea-fire"
                  • Norn *mareld
                    • English mareel
            • West Germanic
              • Old English æled fire, conflagration
                • Brythonic
                  • Welsh aelwyd hearth, fireside, home
    • Proto-Indo-European *h₂éydʰteh₂t-s state of being, ~"heat, on-fire-ness"
      • Italic *aissāts
        • Latin aestās summer
          • English estivation


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Collected English words

Aethon, Ethiopia, ether, ethereal, edify, edifice, anneal, mareel, estivation

Personal and Surnames Names from Celtic *aidos

Hugh, O'Hea, Hayes, Aidan, Enya, Egan, MacEgan, Keegan, Maddoc, Mogue, Kenneth


  1. ^

    Old Irish Aed is an Irish God/Prince of the Daoine Sidhe. Middle Irish Aodh is one of the children of Lir who was turned into a swan.

  2. ^

    Old Irish Áedócán is a double diminutive -óc-án. The equivalent double dimunitive was also used in Germanic, before largely merging into -kin/-chen. The separate dimunitives can be seen in some archaic English word pairs: hill/hillock, bull/bullock, balls/bollocks and maid/maiden, cock/chicken (the last, with i-mutation umlaut, similar to the process that created goose/geese, mouse/mice pairs)

  3. ^

    Keegan is my son's middle name. Cause I think I'm funny.