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Love, compassion, and pity to Tonga and the city of Nuku'alofa.


Nukuʻalofa, aloha

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  • Austronesian *ʔalep to beckon, to wave
    • Pazeh m-arep to beckon
    • Malayo-Polynesian
      • Chamorro alof to beckon
      • Philippine
        • Tagalog ayap to call, to summon
      • Oceanic *ʔalop
        • Fijian yalo
        • Polynesian *ta-ʔalo
          • Tongan ta-'alo to beckon
          • Nuclear Polynesian
            • Samoan t-ālo to wave, to beckon
        • Oceanic *ʔalopan
          • Fijian yalova to beckon
          • Micronesian
            • Kiribati ano-a to beckon
          • Polynesian *ʔarofa love, compassion
            • Tongan alofa love
              • Tongan Nuku'alofa Place of Love (placename)
                • English Nukuʻalofa
            • Nuclear Polynesian
              • Marquesic
                • Hawaiʻian aloha love, compassion, greeting
                  • English aloha
                  • Hawaiʻian aloha kakahiaka good morning
                  • Hawaiʻian aloha ahiahi good morning
              • Rapa Nui 'aroha
              • Samoan alofa love
                • Samoan talofa greeting
              • Tahitic
                • Māori aroha love, compassion
                  • English aroha
                • Tahitian arofa compassion, pity


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Collected English words

Nukuʻalofa, aloha, aroha