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camel, gamma

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  • Semitic *gamal- camel
    • Central Semitic
      • Arabic جمل jámal camel
        • Maltese ġemel camel
      • Northwest Semitic
        • Aramaic
          • Classical Syriac ܓܡܠܐ gamlā’ camel
        • Canaanite
          • Hebrew גמל gamal camel
          • Phoenician
            • Ancient Greek κάμηλος kámēlos camel
              • Greek καμήλα kamíla camel
              • Latin camēlus camel
                • Old French
                  • English camel
                  • French chameau camel
                    • Haitian Creole chamo camel
                • Spanish camello camel
              • Ancient Greek καμηλοπάρδαλις kamēlopárdalis giraffe lit. "spotted camel"
                • Latin camēlopardalis
                  • Afrikaans kameelperd giraffe
                  • English camelopard
            • Phoenician gīml third letter of Phoenician abjad disputed, often traced to a word meaning "throwing stick", instead of "camel"
              • Aramaic gāmal third letter of Aramaic abjad
                • Hebrew גימל gimel third letter of Hebrew abjad
                • Arabic جيم ǧīm fifth letter of Arabic abjad
              • Ancient Greek γάμμα gámma third letter of Greek alphabet
                • English gamma
          • Akkadian 𒃵𒂷 gammal camel probably borrowed from central
    • South Semitic
      • Old South Arabian
        • Sabaean 𐩴𐩣𐩡 gml
      • Ethiopic
        • Amharic ግመል gəmäl camel


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Collected English words

camel, camelopard, gamma