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Celtic *windos: "white, bright", which may be a zero-grade nasal infix of *weyd-: "to see", and thus "visible, bright".


Fiona, Jennifer, Guinevere, penguin, Vienna, wiener

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  • Celtic *windos white
    • Brythonic *gwɨnn white
      • Welsh gwyn white, fair, shining, blessed
        • Welsh Gwendolen personal name: White-Ring (of hair)
          • English Gwendolen
          • English Gwendoline
          • English Gwendolyn
        • Welsh -wen
          • Welsh Anwen personal name: Very-Fair
          • Welsh Blodwen personal name: Flower-Fair
          • Welsh Branwen personal name: Raven-Fair
          • Welsh many other names
      • Cornish gwen white
      • Breton gwenn white
        • French Le Guen Breton surname: the White
          • English Le Guin
    • Gaulish
      • Old French
        • French vandoise dace, chub a small, white fish
    • Old Irish finn white, bright
      • Irish fionn fair, blond, cataract
      • Old Irish Finn personal name: Fair
        • Old Irish Finn mac Cumhail [1]
          • English Finn MacCool
        • Irish Fionn
          • Irish Finnagán diminutive
            • English Finnegan
        • Irish Fiona
          • English Fiona
        • Irish Fionnbhara personal name: White-Head
          • English Finbar
        • Irish Fionnuala personal name: White-Shoulder
          • English Finnula
        • Irish Fionntan
          • English Fintan
    • Celtic *Windosēbaris personal name: White-Spirit
      • Brythonic *Gwɨnnhuɨβar
        • Cornish Gwynnever
          • English Jennifer
        • Welsh Gwenhwyfar
          • French Guenièvre
            • English Guinevere
      • Old Irish Finnabair
    • Celtic *Kʷennowindos personal or place name: White-Head
      • Brythonic *Penngwɨnn
        • Welsh pengwyn white-head, White Head Island?, great auk? [2]
          • English penguin [3]
      • Gaulish *Pennouindos
        • Greek Πεννοουινδος Pennoouindos
        • Galician Pena Oubiña [2]
      • Primitive Irish ᚊᚓᚅᚒᚃᚓᚅᚇᚐᚅᚔ Qenufendani
        • Old Irish Cennfinn a mythological harper who came to Ireland with the Sons of Mil
    • Celtic Windobona [4]
      • Latin Vindobona [4]
        • Western Romance
          • Old French
            • French Vienne
            • English Vienna
          • Italian Vienna
          • German Wien Vienna
            • German Wiener Person or thing from Vienna
              • German Wiener Schnitzel wienerschnitzel lit. "Viennese Cut"
                • English wienerschnitzel
              • German Wienerwurst Viennese sausage
                • English wiener
      • West Slavic
        • Czech Vídeň Vienna
        • Polish Wiedeń Vienna
      • Germanic *winidaz Slav, Wend
        • Old English Winedas Slav, Wend
        • German Wende Wend West Slavic ethnic group on the border of Germany and Poland
          • English Wend
        • Old Norse Vindr Slav
          • Finnish Venäjä Russia
          • Estonian vene Russian
            • Estonian Venemaa Russia


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Collected English words

Gwendolen, Gwendoline, Gwendolyn, Le Guin, Finn MacCool, Finnegan, Fiona, Finbar, Finnula, Fintan, Jennifer, Guinevere, penguin, Vienna, wienerschnitzel, wiener, Wend


  1. ^

    Finn MacCool, a legendary Irish hero, sometimes described as having prematurely white hair.

  2. ^

    Welsh pengwyn is probably actually rederived transparently in Welsh, rather than descended directy, but it seemed more organized to attach it here.

    Likewise, Galician Pena Oubiña (name of a mountain in Galicia in Northwest Spain) is likewise probably derived from a transparent phrase in Late Gaulish, and not from the Proto-Celtic personal name.

  3. ^

    penguin originally meant the great auk, later extended to penguins.

  4. ^

    Celtic *Windobona, tentatively derived as "white-base (of a hill)" or "white-village", was a settlement where Vienna would be. When the Romans built a fort there, they kept the name as Vindobona. The later Western Romance name may have been conflated with *Vedunia: "forest stream", before giving Italian Vienna and French Vienne.